Services We Provide

Cisco Labs is an independent laboratory specializing in the
analysis of drinking water chemical and microbiological
contamination.  Following you will find a list of services provided
by Cisco Labs:

1.  Bacteria (presence/absence check for coliform and  ( e-coli ) (
sm9223 )
2. Inorganic Chemicals
3. Organic Chemicals
4. Treatment test for problem water
5. FHA test for real estate closings
6. Samples may be collected by our staff
7. Samples may be delivered to our location
Bacteria and FHA tests have a 24 hour turn around time.  
Problem water for treatment purposes are completed within
the hour.  Inorganic and Organic chemical tests have a 7 to
10 business days turnaround time.
CiscoC Labs of Martinsville, and Henry County
Cisco Labs of Martinsville, Virginia